These Poultry Elisa kits are produced by x-OvO Ltd – UK (formely Flockscreen kits were produced by Guildhay Ltd) for the diagnosis and immunoprofiling of poultry diseases using professional software SoftSCREEN for data processing and interpretation of results. Flockscreen AI-4 PCR kit is a Real Time PCR kit developed for the detection of Group A, H5, H7 and H9 avian influenza virus. The kit is developed by x-OvO in collaboration with molecular biologists at IZS, Venezie. A range of reagents are also available from IZS, Venezie, an OIE and FAO reference laboratories for Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease, OIE Reference Laboratory for Salmonella. They produce high quality serological reagents for the diagnosis of poultry diseases using HA, HI and AGID tests. Reagents for AIV HI and AGID Test are available covering all H groups of Type A Influenza Virus. Antigens and Antisera are usually supplied at a relatively high titre compared to commercial products in the market. For more information please contact us.